Windows 10 is here. And we like it!

What? Did we say we like Windows 10? Yes! Now, we’ve only had it for a week but it appears that Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been. Why do we say that? Because you have the traditional start menu feel of Windows 7 integrated with the tile feature of Windows 8. And of course Windows 10 is touchscreen compatible where Windows 7 was not.


There are so many new things in Windows 10 that it’s hard to list them all in a blog, but below are a couple of highlights you should try when you upgrade yours for free- Did I say free? Yes, according to Microsoft, it’s free to anyone that has a legit copy of Windows 7 or 8. Just click on the windows icon near your clock or visit of course.


The install took approximately 30 minutes on a Dell with AMD4 and 4GB of ram.


-Windows 7 familiarity, with Windows 8 touchscreen capability all in one.

-Windows 10 is going to work on your desktop, tablet, and even your smartphone(soon).

-They have brought Cortana, the digital assistant, to your PC.

-You can now mark up a website page and share it instantly. Want to see this and more features in action? Check out the Windows 10 emulator.


As always, thank you for checking out our blog. Stay tuned for more.