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WatchGuard NGFW & Unified Threat Management (UTM)

No compromises. Ever. WatchGuard’s Next-Generation Firewalls and Unified Threat Management appliances are full-featured, take-no-prisoners, screaming-fast security appliances that scale with your business, fit in your budget, and are easy to distribute across every network you manage. Never choose between protection and performance.


Firebox T Series

utm-product-firebox-10-seriesThe Firebox T Series delivers complete enterprise-level network security, ideal for small office/home office and small retail environments. It sustains up to 200 Mbps firewall throughput and 55 Mbps UTM throughput, and includes three 1-Gigabit Ethernet ports.  A perfect entry-level device for smaller environments.

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XTM 2 Series

utm-product-xtm-2-seriesSmall businesses need big security, too, and the newest WatchGuard® XTM 2 Series firewall/VPN appliances deliver that strong protection – but without the hefty price tag. Enterprise-grade security includes full HTTPS content inspection, VoIP support, and optional security subscriptions like Application Control and Intrusion Prevention Service.

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XTM 3 Series

utm-product-xtm-3-seriesIntroducing the WatchGuard XTM 3 Series! A powerhouse performer for small businesses that want next-generation security features and fast firewall/VPN throughput at a small-business price. The XTM 3 Series appliances include a suite of flexible management tools to give small businesses the tools they need to stay on top of network activity.

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XTM 5 Series

utm-product-xtm-5-seriesFast and affordable, XTM 5 Series appliances combine firewall/VPN with powerful security services and a suite of flexible management tools. 5 Series appliances deliver strong security, up to 3.5 Gbps firewall throughput, and seven Ethernet interfaces to support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures and gigabit WAN connections.

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XTM 8 Series

ngfw-product-xtm-8-seriesPerformance-driven security and economical pricing are what set the WatchGuard Firewall XTM 8 Series apart from its competitors. This Firewall has up to 6.5 Gbps firewall throughput, ten 1-Gb interfaces, and XTM-class security features including full HTTPS inspection, optional URL filtering, anti-spam, and anti-virus – no need to compromise on security to meet increasing network demands.

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Firebox M400/M500

detail-product-utm-firebox-m400-1Firebox M400 and M500 firewalls are specifically engineered for mid-sized and distributed enterprises that are struggling to effectively and affordably secure networks in the face of explosive growth in bandwidth rates, encrypted traffic, video use, and connection speeds. Never compromise network security for performance.

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Firebox M440

detail-product-utm-firebox-m440-1The Firebox M440 incorporates the same strong security, high performance and flexible management tools that distinguish our other UTM and NGFW solutions, but this model delivers especially robust port density with twenty-five 1Gb Ethernet ports and two 10 Gb SFP+ (fiber) ports. Eight of the ports provide Power over Ethernet (PoE).


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XTM 800 Series

ngfw-product-xtm-800-seriesPerformance-driven security and economical pricing are what set the WatchGuard Firewall XTM 800 Series apart from its competitors. This threat management appliance has up to 6.5 Gbps firewall throughput, ten 1-Gb interfaces, and XTM-class security features including full HTTPS inspection, optional URL filtering, anti-spam, and anti-virus.

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XTM 1050 Series

ngfw-product-xtm-1050-seriesEnterprises that depend on high-speed, always-on networks have had to pay excessively to keep those networks secure. Introducing, the WatchGuard® XTM 1050; a high-performance threat management appliance. The XTM 1050 provides fully extensible, enterprise-class security which includes, Application Control, Intrusion Prevention Service and LiveSecurity. This advanced firewall will cover all your needs at an affordable price.

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XTM 1500 Series

ngfw-product-xtm-1500-seriesWith up to 25 Gbps firewall throughput and a blazing 10 Gbps VPN throughput, XTM 1500 Series threat management appliances are the answer to the large business’s need for speed. The exceptional performance also allows you to integrate functions that previously required separate stand-alone appliances, so your business can securely run at maximum speed and efficiency at a lower cost.

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XTM 2050

ngfw-product-xtm-2050-seriesThis is a top of the line, multi-gigabit threat management appliance that secures corporate Internet traffic against hackers, malware, network attacks, intrusion attempts, data theft, and other cybercrime while securely connecting offices, remote and virtual employees, and providing real-time and historical visibility into security and user events. The hardware in the XTM 2050 is superior to its competitors with dual, hot swap power supplies, hot swap fans, and swappable NICS and hard drives.

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XTM 2520

ngfw-product-xtm-2520-seriesThe XTM 2520 is a powerhouse. High-performance 35 Gbps firewall throughput combines with strong protection, flexible management, and a multitude of connectivity options to deliver the ultimate enterprise-grade network security solution. The 2520 delivers unparalleled visibility into real-time and historical user, network, and security activities. Easily define, enforce, and audit strong security and acceptable use policies.

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XTMv Virtual Appliances

utm-product-xtm-v-seriesWatchGuard’s virtual solutions provide you with unmatched deployment flexibility. You can choose to deploy a mix of hardware and virtual appliances, operating together and managed from a common centralized management platform. WatchGuard virtual appliances feature all of the security and networking services found in our physical appliances and can be deployed in per-customer, per-department, or per-app scenarios, for your virtual infrastructure.

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Secure Wireless Solutions


WatchGuard extends its blazing-fast, full-featured security out to the WLAN with a range of wireless access points for indoor and outdoor use. Even better, we let you easily configure and manage all of your wired and wireless networks from one intuitive console.

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