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Secure Wireless

Watchguard Secure Wireless Solutions


Today’s network threats aren’t tethered to the desktop. Your security can’t be, either. WatchGuard extends its blazing-fast, full-featured security out to the WLAN with a range of wireless access points for indoor and outdoor use. Even better, we let you easily configure and manage all of your wired and wireless networks from one intuitive console. So let your people roam. You can keep them safe, wherever they are.

WatchGuard’s powerful Fireware® operating system is the first in the industry with true consolidation of wired and wireless management in a single integrated view. Forget all the complexity of multiple, standalone systems. You get a real-time, single-pane-of-glass interface for analyzing wireless coverage, evaluating traffic and channel conflicts, and identifying and plugging network vulnerabilities for both wired and wireless networks. Chaos subdued. Access prevails.

  • Choose from a range of indoor and outdoor WatchGuard wireless access points for all your roaming needs or leverage our all-in-one solution 2 and 3 Series tabletop appliances
  • Optimally arrange and configure wireless access points with our interactive, graphical wireless coverage map
  • Easily build policies that serve both wired and wireless networks, even as new users and new wireless access points are added
  • Cut the time required to eliminate trouble spots and provide fast wireless to all users with real-time feedback from access points
  • Administer distributed file system and channel limitations as well as transmit rate and power control to avoid wireless interference between access points


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