GOLD RUSH: Do you put your gold on the table and sleep with your doors wide open?


No you probably don’t. If you did, someone would find out quickly and there would be a rush of criminals in your home. Yet, the problem is, most small to medium sized businesses these days don’t have a firewall. They have a broadband internet connection with a modem/router with WiFi. They have a cable that runs from that to a switch. Then a wire runs from the switch through the walls to their computers and presto. You got internet without any protection.

This configuration is like putting gold nuggets in your home and leaving the doors wide open and going to bed. At home, don’t you close and lock the doors at night? Some of you even lock the deadbolt and set the alarm because you value your life. Isn’t your business your life? Yes. It provides you money to live and survive.

Having a firewall between your modem/router with WiFi and your switch is like putting deadbolts on your home but still leaving your windows open. Your WiFi device can still easily be hacked by a novice.

The solution: What you need is to have your modem with no WiFi run into a firewall device that can broadcast WiFi on it. This scenario in comparison would be like having your gold in Fort Knox. Now you can sleep easy.

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