Do you need Vertix Voice? Ask yourself these 5 questions.


Do you need Vertix Voice? Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you tired of waiting at your desk for that important call?

Call us and we’ll hook you up with the industry leader in cloud phone technology that also puts your deskphone at your fingertips on any Android or iPhone device.

2. Are you tired of standing by the fax machine to make sure it was successfully sent?

Enjoy the simplicity of email faxing that’ll ensure you no longer wait by a fax machine. And on top of that enjoy fax to email on incoming faxes.

3. Are you using aol instant messenger or gmail chat to IM your team? Do you dial a special number to conference call and have to email it out to everyone and setup a meeting time?

Get hooked up with our all in one software that’ll let you know the presence of your team, send a IM chat from your computer or mobile device, and initiate a conference call with any number of team members at the click of a button.

4. Does your current phone system have HD music on hold? Does it even have music at all?

Enjoy great tunes in high fidelity or record your own sales pitch to grab customers while they are on hold. They’re already listening. Might as well introduce them to other products.

5. Do you want to maximize productivity for your executives and save money for less call intensive positions by mixing and matching phones?

We can mix and match models from these industry leading manufacturers: Cisco, Panasonic, Polycom, Yealink.



We hope you have learned more about the amazing features of Vertix Voice. Give us a call and let’s talk about  upgrading your phone system today.